Tess Take Charge Teen

Tess takes a few moments to look over her new studio. Topless, she lets the cool air of the studio stimulate her tiny teen titties. She takes a few moments to rub her hardened nipples before surveying the remaining space. Standing behind her glass and steel design desk, Tess is the sexiest corporate babe in all of Czechoslovakia, and perhaps, the world. She's got stunning, dark eyes and thick, chestnut hair and her exotic appeal is further heightened by the gypsy skirt she's worn as a dress.
She loves how the lightweight fabric twirls around against her bare skin (Tess goes commando as often as possible), and the easy access she can afford to her lover. When Tess wants her pleasure, she wants it immediately.

Just the other day Tess had made Industrial lingerie with black electrical tape. But that's not the only sexual decoration Tess uses to inspire her fashion design. Mounted to the underside of the steel and glass design desk is a cleverly concealed bit of exhibition art: a clear glass dildo. Admiring her cleverly concealed toy, Tess can't help but imagine having her lover strapped and splayed under the table, fucking herself with the dildo while Tess got to watch from the top side. An exhibitionist act, such as that, would definitely remind Tess to keep the harder sex appeal in her clothing line. Tess often considers how much her lover can take, but she'd never trust what she was told. Tess wants her lovers to prove it. Tess may be a little sadistic in her sexuality, but she makes such a sweet picture in white lace panties, imparting the impression that she has a softer side.

Tess is pleased with the overall renovations of the studio. As she stands behind her design desk, Tess soaks in both the soft mid-morning light framing her statuesque figure, as well as the growing sense of authority she'll soon wield. Her clothing line is the epitome of exhibition and power, two sources of stimulation that she believes every woman should strive to attain. Tess believes in crossing the lines between fantasy and fashion, desire and control. She wants all women to become goddesses in their own right, only to then become nubile, submissive sex slaves. Like when young women take charge? Tell you exactly how to please them, how to play the game by their rules? Then Tess is the teen for you! Become subject to her sexy authority, exclusively at Nubiles.net.

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