Tess Industrial Lingerie

Tess is a teen model, but her aspirations are to become a fashion designer. Today, playing around in her studio, Tess is inspired to play with the more exotic side of fashion. Because she is just now setting up her new studio, she has no fabric to play with. Just a roll of electrical tape and a few sheer panels she's planning on putting up over the newly installed windows. But instead of playing a 'bride' or a 'ghost' with the sheer white fabric, Tess wants to put her hard edge impression upon her new studio. Inspired by the crisp Industrial feel of the place, and with a few images from the S&M porn she watched with her girlfriend a few nights ago, Tess manufactures a sexy little get-up of her own: a collar and g-sting thong with a little x crossing her heart (or, rather, her nipple).

Staring full on at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror on the adjacent wall, Tess makes a ravishing picture. Her outfit is perfectly complimented, and maybe partially inspired, by her studded leather stilettos. Fluffing her chestnut locks, tousling them into a sexy mess, Tess strikes a few fashion poses. "Not all of fashion is flounce and flowery fabric. Fashion isn't for the weak at heart. Sometimes fashion is dangerous!" Tess plays with a few catch phrases she's thinking of using in her up and coming advertising campaigns for her heavy metal and Industrial fashion line. Her twenty year old body is firm, muscular and stately. She's the perfect candidate for her line, though she tells her girlfriend that she is her true muse.

And speaking of girlfriends, Tess' blonde babe walks in, catching Tess playing around in front of the mirror. Tess is being a very naughty girl, indeed, as she taunts her girlfriend's eyes with the slow and careful removal of the tape thong bypassing her sweet teen pussy. "Darling! I'm surprised to see you! I was being a very bad girl, playing instead of working." She toys and taunts her girlfriend in a sultry little game. "Do I need a spanking?" she offers, turning to lean on the ladder, her perfect ass perking up for the sweet treat. Want to see the sexy ending of this little game? Want your turn to play with Tess, instead of work? Come see more exclusive content, including Tess' hardcore lesbian love life, only at Nubiles.net.

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