Proxy Paige Sexy Skater Girl

Proxy Paige is looking hot as she gets ready to go into the Skate Shop for a few volunteer shift hours before heading out to the bar. "Now that I'm 21, I spend a lot of time at the bars. I meet a lot of guys there. New guys, older guys. It's a lot of fun!" She's wearing her favorite cheetah print fuzzy hat and matching cut-off gloves, tan tank top, super short miniskirt, and black strappy sandals. "They say that sex sells, and it totally does! I sell more boards than any of the guys, and I'm not even an employee there any more. I just love the game, ya know? Plus, the little kickbacks I get pay for my new hobby- getting my body pierced."

We asked how many piercings she has, and Proxy Paige was more than happy to show us all of them. "I pierced my lip first. Then my nose, and I got my nipples done on the same day." Proxy lifts her tank to reveal her tiny teen titties, glinting in the afternoon light atop each of her breasts. "Lots of girls pierce their belly-buttons, but that's lame. I used to have my clit pierced, and I totally recommend it!" Unzipping her skirt, Proxy shows no scars in her belly-button, eventually removing her skirt entirely so we could see the lip she'd once had bejeweled.

Holding us captive with liquid bronze eyes framed with a thick fringe of platinum blonde hair, Proxy reveals more than just her sweet teen body. There is a softer side to Proxy Paige than her lifestyle would imply. Slowly tugging off her leopard print panties, Proxy's blonde bush is tidy and trimmed. "I don't think girls should be bald. Ya know? I was with a girl who was shaved clean, and it was weird. A little hair helps keep you in place when you're eating pussy, especially when you close your eyes 'cause it tastes so sweet. I prefer guys trimmed, too." Find out more about Proxy Paige's preferences in the member's area at, and take home more inspiration from this bodaciously brazen, super sexy skater girl.

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