Tiffany Thompson Teen Titties

We met up with Tiffany Thompson for her interview on a typical, sunny SoCal day. We asked what Tiffany Thompson's plans are for the future, and she gladly told all. "I applied to several Universities, but I totally hope I get into UCLA! I never want to be farther than a few hours drive from the beach." Tiffany Thompson's long, silky sable hair and green eyes make her one of our most exotic teen models yet. With a youthful body, firm from years of surfing, Tiffany Thompson is accustomed to showing it off. She had no issues stripping out of her shorts to show us how cute her teen ass looked framed in striped boyshort bikini bottoms. "I just bought them. Aren't they so cute?" she asks.

Tiffany Thompson couln't wait to fill us in on all the fun she's had since her graduation party. "My dad gave me a huge sum of money for graduation. He told me if I graduated early, he'd give me the value of the tuition he'd have to pay to the Parochial School. I'm no dummy! I worked hard, graduated a year early, and spent the money on these..." she confessed as she pulled down the top of her cami, proudly bearing her new titties. "I've had so much fun showing these bad boys off, especially after having to wear a uniform all through school." Does her daddy know what she did with his 'education fund'? "This is Orange County," she tosses the question aside, "what kind of self respecting girl doesn't have a little work done?"

New tan lines on her breasts show she's been tanning today, her tender teen skin showing the emerging red of what will soon be a deep bronze. "I don't want to show up the pale girl on the UCLA campus. I've been teased enough, just having to go to Catholic school. OMG!" Tiffany Thompson rolls her gorgeous green eyes and giggles. That certainly explains where she acquired her knee high sock fetish. "It's so funny. I'm tan from head to toe, but my calves are always a bit paler." Does she have such narrow tan lines elsewhere? Or is there evidence that Tiffany Thompson does a little nude sunbathing? Want to find out? See more, so much more, of Tiffany Thompson at It's the only place online to find thousands of the hottest teens beyond your wildest dreams.

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