Alana Ryder Teen Sex Addict

Alana Ryder has just come in from a night out with her friends. "I haven't seen these friends since I left for college last year. They threw me a pool party to welcome me home for the summer!" Sitting on the staricase for our interview, Alana Ryder's braces echo the silvery gleam of her stilettos. She's wearing a tiny striped minidress and string bikini, but she's dying to get out of both. "Being naked in my parents' house is such a turn on! The thrill of getting caught..." Seems miss Alana Ryder is a bit of a deviant. She immediately begins to peel off her casual party clothes, tossing her garments here and there along the foyer.

"There were some hot guys there, but I went to high school with most of them. I prefer, like, older men now." Gripping the banister of the staircase, Alana Ryder continues to strip. Her bikini panties get caught on the heel of her strappy silver sandal, and she ends up flinging them across the hall. "Oops," she giggles, "I guess I'll have to find those before my parents do!" Her bikini top slips off her shoulders as she tosses her long chestnut hair across her shoulders. "Besides, I need a man who can tell me what to do. That really turns me on! I've just been introduced to something called bondage? None of those guys have a clue."

This proved more true than thought. As the camera man began to give her instructions, Alana Ryder was more than willing to do everything he asked, and took great pleasure in following his every instruction. To prove just what a naughty teen she is, Alana Ryder began to masturbate for the camera. Digging into the stairs with her high heels, Alana Ryder gets just enough traction against the gyrating motion of her hips as she grinds her clit against her fingertips. Her tiny teen titties bouncing with her efforts to please herself. Dipping her long fingers into her wet pussy, Alana Ryder grins like a well-fed pussy cat.
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