Calina Russian Rebel Teen

Calina modeled one of her favorite clubbing outfits for us. A two-piece suit composed of white fishnet top, and gartered pants attached to an innocent looking boyshort. "I cannot wear this one out of house at night. I have to wear other clothes over so that my parents will let me go with my friends to night club." she confided. Kneeling on the bed with her chest thrust forward, the thin fabric barely concealing her A-cup breasts, Calina resembles a bird about to take flight. A blue gem twinkles in her belly-button, signifying the rebellious streak that this seemingly innocent model is capable of acting upon. But there is so much more that she would like to experience...

Stripping away the bikini top of her clubbing gear, Calina says of her breasts, "They are tiny, but so much fun to play with!" Cupping her titties, Calina began pinching the plum colored nipples aching away from her rosy areolas. When asked to tell us about some of her fantasies, Calina was more than happy to elaborate. "I would love to go to Greece! Somewhere warm, so I am not always hiding under heavy coats. My home in Russia it is always cold. But in Greece, I would live on beaches, and dance all night at clubs!" Not having a boyfriend will definitely be a plus for this newly of age cutie- she plans to experiment a lot, as soon as is possible.

"I have not had much sex. Girls here either have too much sex already, or girls like me with overprotective parents." But this inexperienced teen is not short on fantasy. "I want to try everything! I have seen porn movies online, and watching girls get fucked really turns me on! Maybe some day I will get DP, or have two men: one in me doggy style, and one in my mouth!" This teen certainly looks innocent, but she's got a dirty mind and a hot, nubile body just aching to explore all the pleasures it can handle! Would you like to help Calina fulfill some of her fantasies? Would you like to be the one to show her all the ways that she can please you, as well? How can you, unless you head over to, your premiere source for horny teens hungry to learn and try and show.

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