Linda Lay Blow Job Babe

Linda Lay is a 20 year old California coed, and now she is also a certified nubile! "Some girls want to go to school and have careers, but that's never been me. Honestly, once I learned how good it feels to have sex that's all I've ever wanted to do!" Linda is lovely when she is fully clothed in her cute cropped halter top and skin tight jean shorts, but what really captures my attention right away is her mouth with its full lush lips. I can't help wondering what it would feel like to have those lips wrapped around my cock. In fact, I'm hard and ready just chatting with Linda before our scene together!

It turns out that Linda is something of a mind reader. Once I've started taking my clothes off, she runs her little hand down my stomach and cups my erection through my underwear. "Take everything off. I'm gonna make you feel great." I do as she asks and Linda pushes me down onto the bed, crawling on top of me and taking my dick deep into her mouth. After she has sucked me off in an incredible blow job, she licks her way down my cock and kisses each of my balls.

Rolling her eyes up to look at me, Linda pulls back and rises to her knees so she can strip out of first her shirt and then her shorts. Her big boobs set off her slender frame and incredible curves perfectly, but I don't get long to look before my beautiful babe turns around and presents me with her lush ass. "Fuck me, baby. Make us both cum!" As she says it, she holds my dick with her hand and slowly lowers her juicy pussy down onto me. You can watch us have the most incredible sex of my life right now, only at Check it out!

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