Leda and her Magic Fingers

The outspoken 19 year old hottie, Leda, was salivating at the opportunity to show you what she can do with her fingers. Her confident tone is unmistakable when she describes them as simply magic; "I know my fingers are incredible. I can get myself off so easily. Maybe in 15 seconds flat... like magic!" Her slight snicker was undeniably sexy, and seemed more like an invitation to challenge that bold statement. To play along with her little game, we asked Leda to show us just how fast her magic fingers can get her pussy to cum.

Leda began to strip off her clothes, leaving just these tight cotton panties that hugged her sweet juicy twat. "I absolutely adore my tiny waist" she revealed to us. It it clear to see why this tiny, sexy waist is her favorite asset! Leda's perky tits were getting goosebumps from the chill in the air. This chill didn't last long when she figured out how to warm herself up. Slowly stroking the lining of her deep blue panties, the succulent juice from her twat was accumulating just beneath the surface. Rocking back and forth, teasing her cock hungry pussy, Leda began to creep those fingers with supernatural powers closer and closer to her clit.

In an instant, she flipped on to her back and shoved two fingers deep down into her wet shaved pussy. Wriggling them back and forth to stimulate her G-spot, while simultaneously massaging her swollen clit, made Leda let out the most intense moan you could imagine! Only seconds after the initial insertion of her fingers, her legs began to quiver and her nipples became nice firm peaks on top of her full round boobs. You have to see Leda make herself cum faster than you would believe! If you blink, you just may miss it. Visit Nubiles.net to get full access to Leda's hot videos, and so many more naughty co eds that love to please their sexual urges.

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