Lilya Shy Shower Play

21 year old Russian cutie Lilya wants to make a career in singing, but she's had some trouble with shyness at auditions. "After my third audition when I choked at people judging my singing, which is very intimate to me, I thought that I would maybe try adult modeling. If I can show off and make myself cum in front of a camera, surely I can sing in front of an audience." When we arrive at Lilya's apartment she greets us at the door wearing a cute little jacket and short bottoms so tight we can tell she isn't wearing any panties.

"I was just thinking how sensual it would be to take a long, warm shower. Do you want to join me or will the water hurt your cameras?" We assure Lilya that we know how to protect our cameras from the water, and she smiles as she heads into the small washroom. "I am a little bit nervous, but the water will be a good distraction for this first time." Turning her back to us, Lilya shrugs out of her jacket and lets it fall to the floor. Her hands are crossed over her chest, covering her little boobs when she turns around.

Taking a deep breath, Lilya hesitates for another minute and then drops her hands until they uncover and cup her tiny tits with their big areolas and hard nipples. "I'm so turned on but just a little scared right now. This is the stage fright I experience. I need a moment." We give Lilya all the time she needs, and soon her hands slide down her skinny belly to hook into her shorts and slip them down her long, long legs. Stepping into the tub with her back to us once again, she turns on the water and takes the wand down to aim it at her pretty shaved pussy. Would you like to see this shy girl massage herself with the showerhead until she cums? Check her out only at

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