Luciana Finger Fuck Fantasy

Getting naked and doing herself whenever and wherever she can is the highlight of 19 year old Luciana's day, every day. "What can I say? I'm horny all the time. I can barely stand the thought of wearing clothes when I'm at home. Even after I cum all I can think about most days is the next time I can masturbate." Wearing just a pair of plain pink panties, Luciana is just about ready to partake in another self-love session when we join her.

She is obviously pleased to have an audience as she settles on a chair and hooks her thumbs into her panties and raises her hips to pull them down her long slender legs. Nude except for her socks and her silky black hair, Luciana reaches up to cup her medium sized tits in her hands and then runs her palms down her flat belly. Rising to a crouch, she rests one hand on her shaved mound with her fingers framing her dripping pussy. "I know you probably want to take a bunch of pictures before I get started, but I'm too horny to wait for long. You might want to hurry."

We work as fast as we can, but we're still nowhere near finished when Luciana bites her lip and mumbles, "I can't take it anymore." Climbing on top of her dresser, she spreads her legs wide to give herself access to her needy twat that is so wet and juicy that we know this sex-crazed coed is craving a really good fuck. Sure enough, after just a few moments of rubbing her clit Luciana curves her other arm beneath her leg and presses two fingers deep into her tight hole so she can hit her g-spot and take herself to a new level of pleasure. Do you want to see this insatiable hottie make herself come apart? If so, head over to now!

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