Ebbi Sexy Dress-Up Fun

Deciding what to wear is a standard part of any woman's day, and 18 year old Ebbi is no exception. As she finishes toweling off from her morning shower, she leans her slender body against the wall and contemplates the dresses in her closet. Even though she just masturbated in the shower, she slowly lets the towel slip away and her fingers wander gently over her peachy ass and her toned thigh. "I definitely want a dress today, but the question is, which one? Do I want a peasant dress or do I want something dressy and silky?"

Unable to decide, she drops the towel entirely and pulls the peasant dress out of the closet first. Holding it up to her naked body, Ebbi stares at herself in the mirror and strikes a pose. "Hmm, I like the way the miniskirt looks, but I'm not sure about the top. It's a little scratchy and I don't feel like a bra today." She puts the first dress back and then pulls out a silkier, more upscale sheath dress and gives it the same once-over against her slim nude figure. "Oh yeah, that's the one I want," she murmurs as she wriggles a little to rub her hard little nipples against the smooth material.

With her decision made, Ebbi slips the dress over her body with no underthings at all beneath it. The soft cool fabric glides over her sensitive skin, causing her to shiver in pleasure. "I know I just got myself off in the shower, but I can't help but want to cum again. I think I will..." This clearly isn't the first time Ebbi has faced this dilemma, evidenced by the little pink vibrator that she keeps in the back of her closet. Turning it on and lifting her skirt to apply the tip to her freshly shaved pussy, Ebbi leans back against the wall and closes her eyes as she pleasures herself. Watch this hot number fuck herself with her vibrator now in high quality pics and video only at Nubiles.net, home of the hottest girls online.

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