Evonna Naked Welcome

18 year old Evonna from Russia was in the middle of cleaning her room in preparation for us when we arrived. "I can't believe how early you are! This place is still a mess and I didn't have a chance to get ready for you!" Evonna gives a cute pout as she puts the cleaning solution down and runs her fingers through her long ebony hair. Given the short length of Evonna's miniskirt and that it's obvious she isn't wearing a bra beneath her flirty little tank top, we're not certain how much more ready this sexy girl can get.

"Well," she elaborates when we ask what she had intended to do, "I was planning on greeting you naked at the door except for my necklace. You know, go for that sexy welcome home from a housewife vibe. But now that you're here I'll have to improvise." Putting down her cleaner, Evonna shows us what she means by lifting her shirt over her head and pulling it off altogether. Her necklace falls in the valley between her tanned full tits, drawing our eyes to her greatest asset as she strikes a pose for us. "How am I doing so far?"

We are loving Evonna's ideas of how to greet a man at the door, and she's not done yet showing us what she has in mind. With slow sensual movements she shimmies out of her fluffy miniskirt and kicks it aside. "Now this is how I wanted to open the door for you. Then I would have walked over to this chair and given you a show." Climbing onto the chair with her back to us, Evonna pulls her rounded ass cheek aside to show off her shaved pussy that glistens in the light with her womanly juices. Do you want to see what happens next? If so, head over to Nubiles.net now to check out Evonna's whole high quality picture and video set!

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